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In total we have delivered more than 100 projects in 8 countries. We are truly international and used to work in foreign environments. We have advised and actively supported 5 operators in both fixed line and wireless business in the definition of business case and models and in the build and roll-out of the company.

We delivered over 15 IT architecture blueprint and migration projects to major operators in record time (average 12 weeks and 4 people). We designed over 20 state-of-the-art solutions, including distributed IT-based convergent charging, through our ability to bring marketing, network and IT people together.

We optimized performance of 12 key OSS/BSS applications and saved our customers significant money and headaches and conducted over 40 technical due diligence projects for operators, suppliers and investors, in a time-boxed, result-oriented fashion, resulting into over 80% “success” (transaction completed).

In the left column you will find selected presentations. If you want to use these presentations for your own purposes, please contact us. We will email the originals. Our name is program and vision for us. Our network will support and advice in the planning, integration and execution of your Smart Metering and Smart Grid Business.

The Value Grid is the future. An intelligent structure that adapts to business conditions constantly.

The experience and success of Value Grid include:

  • The concept, planning and building a smart metering and wireless infrastructure in California.
  • Setting up a new business unit "Smart Metering" for a major German telecommunications company.
  • The development of the world's first redundant, fail-safe Unix system, the system used in many technical solutions to national and international projects found.
  • Value Grid References

  • The commercialization of the first two German Internet service provider EUnet and XLink.
  • The development of Deutsche Telekom a multi-media service provider.
  • The construction of the cable company Cable Germany, the regionalization of 9 regional societies and the transformation into independent companies (Today, Unity Media, Kabel BW, KDG).

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