Value Grid

Value Grid Engineering Group offers consulting services for leading energy and telecommunications companies. The company specializes in advice on strategy, organization and technology.  Our clients include fixed and mobile operators, internet and application service providers, leading software suppliers as well as companies in deregulating energy markets. Value Grid supports you in planning, implementation and execution of your Smart Metering and Smart Grid Business. The company was established in 1997 as ISF Ltd. as a vendor independent management and technology group.  Today Value Grid Engineering Group is mostly active in Europe and depends on more than 50 skilled and premium consultants worldwide. Value Grid is recognized by their customers for offering “informed, direct and pragmatic advice to its clients“, and for its excellent knowledge and contacts in the telecoms and energy sector.

The future belongs to the intelligent networks, combining all efforts to a valuable technical and financial grid. See some of our efforts following this link News/Presentations, showing valuable information and presentations.

Our Core Competencies

focal point

  • Overall Program and Product Management
  • Regulatory and legal issues
  • Core Network planning
  • Radio Network planning
  • Product definition and design
  • Interconnection and interoperational planning
  • Radio Network Roll-out
  • NOC setup and operation
  • Information Technology strategy development
  • IT architecture planning & solutions definitions
  • IT Solutions tendering, selection and implementation
  • Business Process definition and implementation
  • Commercial setup and business operations for our customers

Value Grid is your Innovation Service