Value Grid

Value Grid, your Innovation Service plans, develops and implements your Smart Metering and Smart Grid business.

The Value Grid is the future. The future belongs to an intelligent structure, that takes care of your business needs and adapt itself constantly to the actual occurring business conditions. This Value Grid webs your financial and technical efforts to the max.

Competence in business planning

Smart Metering and Smart Grid alone are only words and no marketable products. Smart metering products are a product bundle of meter technology plus reading, billing, feedback and services into a modular or integrated price. The "Smart" theme therefore requires new business models. Only new services for customers or savings for service providers will result in a viable business case.

Value Grid supports you in developing and implementing your business model.

Expertise in telecommunications and computer science

The challenge for Smart Metering is the communication between the meter and the recording and control systems, meter operators and energy suppliers and the processing of recorded data. Considerations include various communication connectivity, communication and data capacities, as well as government regulations regarding data protection, data security and data consistency.

Value Grid supports you in planning and implementing the required communications and IT infrastructure.

Expertise in organizational design

The introduction of meter operation and measurement services follow organizational realignments or adjustments necessary to any start-up or incumbent organisation.

Value Grid helps you to restructure or build your business.

Expertise in marketing and sales

The new market situations, particularly the growing competition among others by energy brokers, require new marketing concepts and new distribution channels.

Value Grid will help in the development and implementation of your marketing and sales approach.

Value Grid is your Innovation Service